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Korea chemical Market information - ChemLOCUS
CMRI (Chemical Market Research Inc.) that manages www.Chemlocus.com was established on Feb., 1, 1991, and consists of 3 divisions consulting team,
Chemical Journal team, and internet operation team.
CMRI established to the purpose of performing consulting business and publishing Chemical Journal and Chemical Annual rapidly and accurately.
In the beginning of establishment of CMRI in Feb 1991, consulting CMRI published mainly Chemical Journal and Korean Chemical Annual,
and in Jan 1994 CMRI started consulting business, moreover in 2000
CMRI entered Internet business.

CMRI recently focused on reserving fundamentally sound ground to live with fierce competition worldwide to promote of globalization of Korean chemical industry.
In particular world becomes on coming into the 21C, CMRI eyes the reality of the borderline of Korea and the world collapsing and globalization of management.
Thus, CMRI is committed to globalize consulting business to improve
competitiveness of chemical companies, and provides online service based on
Chemical Journal that has been published since 1991.

Finally CMRI will be a global information service and consulting company to
compete with world-class companies as squaring off battle of information at home
and abroad.

CMRI keeps the chivalry of truth from birth to date, as we believe that the
truth in the meditation without deceit is the only way to be alive in the
weak-to-the-wall world. The policy comes from ethnic purity of Korean people
and "the spirit of Hongik Humanity",
which means to avail diffusely to the public, and its kinds of
Humans are born with earnest and honesty, but as being adapted in the
world, we usually feel that the earnest and honesty become cumbersome.
But even getting contamination of the world,
we will adhere firmly to our faith,
as we believe that only the company who keeps its faith will lead this world.
Considering the dictum, "If I knew the world would come to an end
tomorrow, I would still plant an apple tree today, we will keep
our values-earnest, honesty and responsibility.
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